Pennsylvania // Week 6 // Great Allegheny Passage

Day 36 – Rest day – 0 miles
Day 37 – Cumberland MD to Frostburg MD // 15 miles // total: 278m
Day 38 – Frostburg MD to Meyersdale PA // 16 miles // total: 294
Day 39 – Meyersdale PA to Rockwood PA // 13 miles // total: 307
Day 40 – Rockwood PA to Confluence PA // 24 miles // total: 331
Day 41 – Confluence PA to Ohiopyle PA // 13 miles // total: 344
Day 42 – Ohiopyle PA to Connellsville PA // 20 miles // total: 364

Last night I got a cabin, because it was thunder-storming, lighting really bad, a really bad lightning storm.  And today, it says a flash flood warning, but I can’t afford this cabin for another night.  But for now, I get to pretend like I live in a home. And make my oatmeal in a real bowl, instead of over a camp stove.                  I’m doing laundry right now.  Yay!  Laundry’s the best. I used to hate doing laundry.  Now I love it. So yesterday I got to this town, and I knew that there was this campground here with cabins.  But, my map made it look like it was right in the town, and it was actually three miles away, so after I walked 17 miles, I just had to walk another three, which was really four, to get to this campsite. But hey.  I got coffee out of a pot.  What?  Microwave.  If — I don’t have anything to microwave, but if I did, it’s right there.                        Thing] sizzling.  [Unintelligible] 01:26:29.07                This kitchen is so — there’s, like, things to grill.  I wish I could have grilled