Maryland // Week 5 // The end of one trail, and a taste of home

Day 29 - Opequon to Falling Waters // 15 miles // total: 181m                                                                            

Day 30 - Falling Waters to Hancock // 24 miles // total: 205m                                                                         

Day 31 - Hancock to 15 Mile Creek // 16.5 miles // total: 221.5m                                                                      

Day 32 - 15 Mile Creek to Town Creek // 21.5 miles // total: 243m                                                                

Day 33 - Town Creek to Cumberland MD // 20 miles // total: 263m                                                                

Day 34 - Alejandro and Tiki came to visit!!!                                                                                                         

Day 35 - 0 miles

01:13:35.02            So, I have been on this trail, this one trail from DC, for 163 miles.  I have, like, 20 more miles to go on it.  And then I think I’ve decided I’m going to Pittsburgh. Everyone h-, you know, always has such great things to say about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That’s sarcastic.  No one every says anything good about Pittsburgh. Um, the weather’s really beautiful today, and I just, uh, was without cell service for the first time and now I have it back, so I’m listening to some jazz.  On my headphones. And I’m going to a little town called Oldtown.  Perfect name.  I bet it, I bet it’s gonna be fitting.  It’s probably gonna be an old town.01:14:04.11 Guessing they only have one restaurant.  And, uh, it’s called Schoolhouse.  And I called to see if they're open on Sundays, because it’s Sunday, so a lot of places might be closed.  And they are.         And then I just called to see what time they stopped serving breakfast, and they serve it all day.  I’m gonna go have a really big breakfast.  And then tomorrow [Alejandro] comes.01:14:27.18 I’m feeling good.  I’m feeling very hungry right now.  Um, I’ve been to a couple small towns along this trail, but I’ve been doing a lot of camping, and it’s very beautiful, but it’s looked the same for a while.  It just started getting better, actually, so. It always just starts getting better right at the end, you know?  Then it’s over.
This is never gonna end, though.  This is never gonna be over.  ‘Cause I’ve been on the road for over a month, and I’ve only gone, like, 200 miles.So, this could take l-, it’s gonna take, like, 12 complete.  But the last three days, I did, like, 20 miles, so... We’ll see.  I’m probably getting poison ivy right now, s-, I’m sitting in the grass.  I didn’t even look at what I was sitting in.

Well, I have officially finished the C&O canal.  All hundred and 85 miles of it.  [Phones makes noise] Uh, just text from an old friend.  And I’m waiting on Alejandro and Tiki.  They're gonna be here any time now.          It’s been five weeks since I’ve seen him.01:15:58.13 Five weeks today.  Yay!  It’s a perfect day out.

Male Voice: Subject holding dog] So tell us... How do you feel right now?  
Jessica: I feel... S-, normal.
Male Voice: Ah, okay.
Jessica: I feel ready to get on the second leg of my trip.  There’s gonna be 12,000
legs, so... It’s the second one. I’m sad you guys are leaving, but I’m really happy I got to see you.  You gave me a good boost.
Male Voice: What do you think of your country so far?
Jessica: We use a lot of plastic bottles and we throw ‘em in the water.  But so far,
it’s been really beautiful.  I haven’t — I’ve been on the trail, which is, like,
secluded.  I’m ready to be in the world.  Meet people. But I’m about to get on another trail.
Male Voice: Where are you going?
Jessica: I don’t know.  I think I’m gonna go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and try
and do some comedy there. But, the plan was to go to West Virginia.  The plan has changed.
Male Voice: Why is that?
Jessica: The mountains.  I think if I go to Pennsylvania and then go to, cut over to
Ohio, I’m gonna have to deal with less mountains.
Male Voice: Of course.  You're carrying a cart, so going up and down mountains is not
Jessica:I talked to a couple different locals, and the consensus was...head north
and then west.
Male Voice: How has it been, your living situation?  Eating, showering...
Jessica: Uh, it’s been —
Male Voice: Sleeping.
Jessica: Pretty good so far.  Oh — [holds up hand to feel rain] I think that cloud has rain.
Male Voice:Yeah, it’s a couple drops.
Jessica: Um... So far it’s been good.
Male Voice: You’ve met a lot of cool people?
Jessica: I’ve met a couple, so far.  Yesterday started  
Male Voice: Week seven.
JessicaI think.  [Puts down dog] And tonight I think I’m gonna get to do an open mic.
Male Voice: Right.
Jessica: I feel like I’m pretty depressed ‘cause I haven’t done stand-up in like, like
three weeks.
Male Voice: You're about to change that tonight.
Jessica: Hopefully. Tiki!  What are you eating?  [Camera points toward dog] No!
Jessica: So, yeah.  Now the Allegheny Passage.  It’s like 150 miles.
Male Voice: What do you think about that?
Jessica:It should take me, like, a week and a half.

Here we are.  Ah, it’s the start of the Allegheny Passage, which I’m gonna be on for about 150 miles.  Alejandro and Tiki left yesterday.  It was good.  I got a good boost.  And I stayed in this great town last night. I’m skipping West Virginia.  I just think it was too...too many mountains.  Not enough shoulder on the side of the road.  So I’m headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.01:21:50.14I gotta do some comedy.  I gotta get to some comedy, ‘cause I’m dying on the inside without it.  [Sighs] So I hope that these 150 miles go by pretty fast. Here is, to my comic, comedic adventure. All right.  150 miles.  Here we go.