Walking Arkansas // Week 20 // I made it back to West Memphis, and my mommy decided to come along for the ride!

Day 134 // Me and moms drove form Nashville over to West Memphis,                                                             she will be my car support until Little Rock.
Day 135 // West Memphis to Western West Memphis // 10 miles // miles in total 864
Day 136 // Western West Memphis to Griggs // 15 miles // miles in total 879
Day 137 // Griggs to Palestine // 21 miles // miles in total 900
Day 138 // Palestine to Wheatley // 15 miles // miles in total 915
Day 139 // Happy Labor Day! Mom got us a cabin, and rodents ate a whole in my tent.
Day 140 // Wheatley to Fredonia // 20 miles // miles in total 935

I am in Arkansas.   I’m, like, four and a half months in.  I’ve been camping with my mom for — I think it’s been an eternity, now.  I, I, uh, think I might lost my mind. And I know that people say that about their parents, but legitimately, it’s been quite difficult. 

It’s been a tough few days.  But yesterday, when I was walking in Arkansas... I had so many people stop and ask me if I needed a ride.  It was nice.  More than any other time on the trip.  But I think that’s just ‘cause I didn’t have my cart with me.  I was just carrying a backpack, since my mom’s here, I don’t need to carry everything with me like I normally do. It’s just a mess.  I’m ready to get to Little Rock.  ‘Bout 90 miles away.  Maybe I can just do it today.  Knock it out today.  90 miles.  If I walked straight, I could make it, i-, there in 30 hours.