Ohio // Week 8 // Pittsburgh to Akron and my 500 mile mark

Day 50 // Pittsburgh to Sewickley // 15 miles // total: 422
Day 51// Sewickley to Beaver Falls // 22 miles // total: 444
Day 52 //  Beaver Falls to New Waterford Ohio // 20 miles // total: 466
Day 53 // New Waterford to Salem // 15 miles // total: 481
Day 54 // Rest day People, rest day // 0 miles

Here we are.  Just got into Ohio.  Camping tonight.  And, uh, decided to stay an extra day here ‘cause they have a swimming pool. So, I’m gonna go swimming.  And pretend I’m on some exotic vacation somewhere. Got my clothesline going.  Really getting, really getting the hang of this.  [Laughs] Oh, gosh.                          Week seven.  Been doing a lot of road-walking the last few days.  So many hills. Lotta hills.                            I’m on my way to Akron.  Gonna do something fun this weekend, ah, when I get there.  Going on a camping trip.  Something different.  Um, my two friends I’m meeting up with there, they're going on this group camping trip, so.  I’m gonna go. But we’re gonna stay in, like, a cabin or something.  With a bunch of other artists. So.  Should be fun.  I might get to swim again.  Yay!  I really [just] walking so I can swim.  I haven’t been able to swim at all.  I’ve been walking past lots of bodies of water, and have been unable to get in any of them.  You know why?  Because...we pollute the water here.  We pollute it pretty bad.  I wonder how many kids are gonna be in this pool.  Don’t know.  Don’t care.

I’m in the middle of Ohio.  Not the middle.  Beginning.  I don’t know what I look like.  Just woke up.  Had a rough morning.  Staying in a place [got] no water or anything. So I am headed to a diner I saw down the street.  Just thought I'd hang out in the cemetery for a little bit. Ulysses S.  Grant’s grandmother, [whose] dead body is right here. I got this crazy rash on my ankles. It hurts.  My skin’s all bubbled up.  But, uh, I’m headed to Akron.  It’s supposed to rain all day.  But I see a little sunshine.  I think this day’s looking up.
I mean, each day, you realize, there’s just two things — you're either alive or you're this.There’s no in between.  Alive or dead.  [Sighs] So.  I’m alive, and now I’m gonna walk.  That’s just what I’m gonna do.  What I have to do. 500 miles in.  I have to do that five more times. Four or five more times.   [Sings] Sunshine.  Thinks are looking up.  Peace out, Rachel Grant. I hope I do something one day where m-, m-, I get, like, what I’m trying to say is — maybe I’ll have a really cool grandkid.