Walking Arizona // Week 34 // 80 miles in the desert and my longest day yet.

Day 237 // Payson to ?? // 15 miles // miles walked in total 1,677                                                       
Day 238 // middle of nowhere to Fort McDowell // 17 miles // miles walked in total 1,694                
Day 239 // Fort McDowell to Scottsdale // 31 MILES // miles walked in total 1,725

The dessert is beautiful and peaceful. The days are warm and the nights are freezing. I am passed the moment where I walk from town to town. Now, I walk from sun up until sun down. The side of the road is my home. 

I walked from Payson to Phoenix, over 80 miles with no services. It was the most beautiful part of the trip. Just wide open desert landscape, as far as the eye could see. 

As I made my way to Phoenix,  a hotel showed up on my map, 31 miles away. My dear friend Kyle left a message saying he wanted to get me a room somewhere when I reached civilization. I pushed hard through the day, even walking about an hour in the dark. I made my way to what turned out to be a casino. Excellent!! It was the much needed perfect end to a long day. I had a few drinks, a great dinner, and went for an amazing swim the next morning. Oh, and won a little money at the poker table. I made it to Phoenix!