Walking Tennessee // Week 16 // Skydiving for free and my great-grandfather is in a museum

Day 106 // Montgomery Belle State Park to Waverly // 25 miles // miles in total 726                                     

Day 107 // Skydived from 14,500 feet o miles                                                                                                   

Day 108 // Waverly to Camden // 21 miles // miles in total 747                                                                         

Day 109 // Hung out at Nathan Bedford State Forest o miles                                                                           

Day 110 // Camden to Huntingdon // 15 miles // miles in total 762                                                                   

Day 111 // Huntingdon to Medina // 27 miles // miles in total 789                                                                     

Day 112 // Medina to Jackson // 12 miles // miles in total 801

Jessica:  Hey.  [Sighs] So.  In Tennessee, I’m in Camden, Tennessee, right now.  Um, I’m about a day or two away from going to Jackson, which I have an uncle that lives there, and then I’m going to Memphis.            Um, right now I’m at the halfway point between Nashville and Memphis.  So, you know, I made the decision to walk across Tennessee.

01:06:30.17And, um, just pick up from there.  Home, home state. Today, I’m gonna go to this museu-, uh, a folk museum, and my grandfa-, my great-grandfather, [Clyde Western], he’s got some baskets on display there, ‘cause he was a weaver. So I get to see that.  Little piece of history there. 

Uh, I’ve been on the road for three and a half months.  And the whole stay in Nashville, was, you know, it was good.  It was great.  It was weird, um, because I’m in the middle of something, and I was just there with this new baby.  Um, and, and it was like just dealing with a lot of different emotions, you know.              They were nesting, and I’m doing the opposite of nesting.  Um.  But it felt nice to be in, you know, home. Wherever home is. And I’ve been dealing with a lot of different emotions, but, you know, I went to Waverly, which I thought was gonna be, like, the shittiest town ever, and it turned out to be awesome.  I went skydiving.  What?  I know.  So I jumped out of a plane.  That was great. You know.  I...I stayed with a friend’s dad who gave me some moonshine.  [Gets up and returns with bottle].  I think I’ll have a little now.  It’s 10 AM.
It smells so good.  It’s called Apple Pie.  And it really does taste like apple pie. Mm.  Everyone keeps warning me about the meth-heads in west Tennessee, including my Me-Maw.  So, hopefully I don’t get eaten or something.  I don’t know what they do, but.  I guess crazy shit. Kinda running out of money.  Um.  So that’s a stressful thing.  I keep dreaming about it. But I’m just not worried.  Like, I think that, somehow, things are gonna be provided, and I don’t know what that means, but... Perhaps that’s just me being naïve.  But people do keep helping me out.  I stayed with [Sam] in Waverly, and he, like, took me to dinner, and bought me drinks, and took me skydiving.  So.  That was awesome.

01:09:35.03                And it’s getting hot.  It’s getting hot, hot, hot, hot.  Hot in here.  Out there.  It’s getting very hot, so, I’m walking in a lot of heat.   And I got a week or so before I [can] really do any comedy, I guess.  ‘Til I get to Memphis.  [And at] the beginning of my trip, it was hard.  I felt like a block for writing. Not just comedy, but in general, just to feel the emotions of the trip, I felt blocked from that, ‘cause I thought maybe — I think maybe it’s that if I felt too much, then it would — you know, I wouldn’t continue forward.  So you just kinda have to block yourself from that.   I’m just out here.  Walking.  Keep finding myself in these cool places. 

01:10:35.04                There are like these little windows where it’s just — I don’t know what’s happening!  This is really hard!  It’s hot!  Where am I gonna stay!  And then, boom, it’s like a couple days where you just meet someone.  They're super cool.  You do cool stuff.  Jump out of a plane.  Ride a motorcycle.Yeah, so three and a half months on the road, and I feel like I’m doing good.  Doing all right.