Washington, DC // Week 2 // Standup shows, and knee woes

Day 8 -Day 14 // Washington, D.C.

Four days after staying off the knee completely with the kittie family and the knee is still a mess. I was unable to walk without a limp. I had shows planed in D.C., so decided to skip ahead and hitched a ride. My dear friend Gus let me stay on his couch for a week and I stayed off the knee as much as I could also did 4 standup shows. Then the miracle, I had the overwhelming desire to get acupuncture, even though I had never had if before. I went, they recommended me to a physical therapist, and literally within a few hours of my appointment my tendonitis had disappeared.

By this time my good friend Kyle from Tennessee had met up with me and we were dying to hit the trail again. Then the weather came, lot’s of rain and flash flooding right on the canal we would be walking. At the time it was a bummer and another setback on the road, but in hind site it was a life saver. What if I had been on the trail when that happened?

So after much rest and better weather, I was ready to get moving again and see how things would go.