Walking Oklahoma // Week 25 // My half way mark

Day 169 // Sapulpa to Depew // 25 miles // miles walked in total 1,209
Day 170 // Waited out the bad weather in a Cabin.
Day 171 // Depew to Chandler // 24 miles // miles walked in total 1,233
Day 172 // Chandler to Edmond // 20 miles (drove ten) // miles walked in total  1,253
Day 173 // Edmond to Oklahoma City // 22 miles // miles walked in total 1,275
Day 174 // Day 175  // Doing Comedy in OKC

So I made it to this farm yesterday, and [Linda], the owner, she just reached out to me on Facebook, through a friend.  Don’t know who the friend was.  And, uh, came here to their awesome organic farm, and they have, uh, like goats and chickens and they made me an amazing dinner last night. And they're pretty cool people.  Really cool people.  Uh, this morning I woke up to this crazy crow — I thought someone was knocking at the door and I kind of woke up in a panic and it was this crow that was just pecking at the window for some reason.  But it was like a perfect alarm clock.  Woke up — oh, the sun’s coming out.  Woke up, and, uh... Went down to the farm house, where I’m headed right now, and, uh, had really great breakfast.  And then there were these horses that the farmers use to graze their land, but they belong to a neighbor, so, we had to take the horses back to the neighbor’s house, so I had these four horses and a donkey. Walked ‘em on down to the farmers’ house.  Pretty cool guy.  And, um, I was considering not walking today because it’s supposed to rain, like, an [80] percent chance of rain.  But, if you look this way, it’s like, beautiful day.  If you look this way,  [spins camera] could be questionable.  And this farm is so awesome.  I think I’m just gonna hang around for another day. And I feel like I’ve done that a lot on the trip.  “I’ll just hang out for another day.” Like, Tulsa.  But, uh, I’m just having so much fun, you know.  Just, just being. Anyways, this farm’s awesome.