Walking Oklahoma // Week 23 // More standing up than walking

The last week has been a fun one. I was offered a place to stay when I got to Alma from Susan. I met Susan because she runs crazy long marathons with Andi, who I met through Corey and Patrick in the morning, who I met through Jim Pate, who is a comic, that lives in D.C., whom I have never met. I took Susan up on her offer, however she actually lives about 30 miles North of Alma in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ever since I started walking through Arkansas people have been telling me how beautiful NorthWest Arkansas is and that Fayetteville was a super cool town. I jumped at the chance to hang out and see the sites and do some comedy. I did a fun show in town,  was interviewed on 3B radio and also got a spot on the local news channel. 

 In other news, my dear friend who I know from NYC, moved to Bentonville, Arkansas about the same time I started the walk. She sold her soul, I mean took a job for Walmart(j/k, I must say, I have met a lot of people that work for Walmart, this is the area where it was founded. And some of those people really love their jobs, some don’t, but a lot do! So I don’t think that Walmart is evil, I think they do give a lot of money to charity, although not nearly as much as they could. I do think they have built some really cool stuff in NWA including an awesome museum, Crystal Bridges. I do also think things are way out of control and not what that Walton guy would have wanted his store to be. Let’s sell some American made merch Walmart!). 

 Thanks to Mr.Walton my super cool friend Leslie lives 20 miles from Fayetteville, in this neighboring town. I caught a ride in her pivotal, 1969 Ford F100 Ranger. I hung out at her place for a few days, cooked some good food, drank some good wine and did a really fun show at this pizza joint. When discussing my next moves, I was told repeatedly, how cool Tulsa was. So, although I had planned to hit up Oklahoma City next, I changed my route, had her drop me just over the boarder in and I started my voyage to Tulsa. The last week has been filled with more talking than walking, but I feel alive and free, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. State number 9, here we go!