Walking California // Week 36 // Somehow, I made it, I could see the ocean.

Day 247 // Palm Springs to Banning // 15 miles // miles walked in total 1,770
Day 248 // Banning to Hemet // 25 miles // miles walked in total 1,795
Day 249 // Hemet to Temecula // 26 miles // miles walked in total 1,821
Day 250 // Temecula to Fallbrook // 15 miles // miles walked in total 1,836
Day 251 // Fallbrook to Oceanside // 20 miles // miles walked in total 1,856


And just like that, I spent the last few miles cruising down a scenic bike trail to the beach of Southern California. I had envisioned this moment so many times throughout my trip. It was a feeling of elation, and gratification. I couldn't believe I had made it all this way. As I dove into the cold water of the pacific, I felt a new. All my hard work flashed before my eyes, things were different now, and they would never be the same.  

Unpacking my gear was bitter sweet. Things were added and taken away as I traveled. This is everything inside my cart upon my arrival to the west coast.