Walking Arizona // Week 34 // 80 miles in the desert and my longest day yet

Day 232 to Day 236 // Hung out in Kingman, AZ with my dear friend and her two kiddos. On Sunday she dropped me in Payson, Arizona
Day 237 // Payson to ?? // 15 miles // miles walked in total 1,677
Day 238 // middle of nowhere to middle of nowhere // 17 miles // miles walked in total 1,694
Day 239 // Fort McDowell to Scottsdale // 31 MILES // miles walked in total 1,725

My friend Roz came and picked me up soon after I made my into Arizona. It felt good to be in the next state, New Mexico might be my favorite yet. Roz and I have been friends for 10 years. We used to work together at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Holy shit, that was the worst job and I had it for over three years. I have this thing, when I get a job I keep it forever.
Roz moved to Arizona a few years ago, and now she has two cool kids. It was really fun to hang out with her and her little family. Walking across the country has given me the opportunity to spend quality time with family, friends, comics and fellow people of this nation.
(that was a weird, the way I said that)
After I hung with Roz she dropped me in Payson, Arizona. It’s a few hundred miles from where she picked me up. I’m okay with that. I’m walking 100 or so miles here, then a hundred more or so to the beach in Cali, hoping to finish just before the holiday. At the beginning of this trip I spent Easter by myself, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving. I’m hoping I make it to some familiar faces for the New Year.
I walked from Payson to Phoenix, around 80 miles with no services. It was the most beautiful part of the trip. Just wide open desert landscape, sometimes as far as the eye could see.
That was cool, I camped on the side of the road for two nights. Then, on the 3rd day an establishment, that all I new was a hotel, showed up on my map 31 miles away. Also, out of coincidence my dear friend Kyle left a message saying he wanted to get me a room somewhere. I pushed hard through the day, even walking about an hour in the dark. I made my way to what turned out to be a casino. Excellent!! It was the much needed perfect end to a long day. I had a few drinks, a great dinner, and went for an amazing swim the next morning. Oh, and won a little money at the poker table. I made it to Phoenix!